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Hi, you’ve reached me, 73!

I’m a programmer working with Python and Go.

A personal side project:

Potential K8s ImagePullBackOff Issue

The issue might occur when k8s is trying to pull image other than using local images, but couldn’t pull the image correctly. This is due to when the Image of the container doesn’t have a specific tag, imagePullPolicy might be set to Always. See Official Docs: Default image pull policy Omit the imagePullPolicy and the tag for the image to use; Kubernetes will set the policy to Always when you submit the Pod....

January 10, 2023 · Vokey

Solve Terraform docker_image `latest` Attribute Deprecated issue

If you use kreuzwerker/docker as the Terraform Docker provider, you might have seen a similar deprecated attribute warning here below since version 2.13.0. │ Warning: Deprecated attribute │ │ on main.tf line 18, in resource "docker_container" "name": │ 18: image = docker_image.[image_name].latest terraform { │ │ The attribute "latest" is deprecated. Refer to the provider documentation for details. │ │ (and one more similar warning elsewhere) While both documetations of the provider and Terraform tutorial were still using the latest attribute in their examples....

October 15, 2022 · Vokey
A picture with a waving hand emoji, to demonstrate saying goodbye to Google G suite services.

What should we do without G Suite legacy free

Farewell to G Suite legacy Google has announced the plan of stopping their service of G Suite legacy free edition, and they are encouraging users to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription. Whether or not you choose to upgrade to the paid version immediately, the G Suite legacy free edition won’t be available after 1st July. Ten years after Google stopped signing up new users to the G Suite free edition, it’s really time to say goodbye....

January 21, 2022 · Vokey